1 Week Postpartum Update

This is my 1 week postpartum update
My recovery from this pregnancy was totally different to my last one. I think it was down to being induced early in order to prevent the same complications happening as last time. I did have another episiotomy but it did not continue to tear and I got away with a 2nd degree tear/cut. The pain from the stitches were bad for the first few days, but staying on top of my medication really helped and I am able to be more active. Last time I ended up with an infection in my stitches and was bed bound for weeks. The only other problem that I have found hard is with my back. After having two failed epidurals, the third one worked, I have had back pain up and down my spine, so bad that it even hurts when I am laying down not moving. It is something that has to be investigated soon to make sure all is fine, but it is getting slightly better each day.
My body and weight has bounced back quite quickly. Overall through the pregnancy I put on roughly 24lbs and now 1 week on I have lost 14lbs. My tummy has more stretch marks than what I had with Mabel but I am not too fussed as my tummy is getting back into shape. I do have to work a bit harder this time on my tummy due to splitting the muscles in it, but I am always up for a challenge.

I have really struggled this time around with breastfeeding because Martha did not seem to latch on correctly, and even when she did she soon slipped to the nipple, which caused a lot of pain. Within the first day or two my nipples were so sore and sensitive we had to result to feeding Martha breastmilk with a syringe because she would not take a bottle. This I can now say as the first week has come to an end is that things have improved a lot and everything seems to be heading in the right direction.
Sleeping on one hand is easy and Martha will nod off quite quickly, unfortunately when we put her down in her Moses Basket at night to sleep she will stir and wake up. We have tried everything that other people have suggested but nothing has worked so far. Instead at night she likes to sleep in our arms, which we just can’t have. The lack of sleep I am struggling with because I am up until 5 in the morning when Martha gives in and sleeps, but 30 minutes later Mabel will be waking up.

Martha has been back to the hospital once after coming out to check her jaundice levels. We were told she was well below the line, but I do think she is still quite yellow both on her skin and in her eyes. We will find out on Sunday whether we need more checks done by the midwife as well as seeing if she has put the weight she lost this week back on. At birth she weighed 7lb 14oz and on Tuesday she was 7lb 7oz, a total of around 5% weight loss. I still think she is teeny tiny.  

This past week has been extremely difficult but each day is a step further to gaining some sort of routine with Martha. I hope next week I can update with having more sleep under my belt. 
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