2 Weeks Postpartum Update

This week has been really good. The pain in my stitches is slowly subsiding and I can’t wait for it to completely go, therefore daily tasks won’t seem as hard and painful to do. The pain in my back has also gone which I am extremely happy about but it is something that will be mentioned still with the physiotherapist.
My weight loss this week has started to slow down, but I think that is because this time around I have been making time to eat. I have lost another 4lbs, so I am at 144lbs, which means I only have another 6lbs to go until I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight. My tummy to me does not seem to be changing that much in size and stretch marks, although in the photos it looks a little different from last week. I am finding I have to work harder this time around to get my body back into shape, and it is proving difficult with having split the muscles in my tummy giving birth, but it’s not like I will be getting into a bikini anytime soon.


I thought this week we had a nice routine going throughout the day and night, but the past few days I think Martha has been going through a growth spurt. She constantly wants to feed from evening until morning and it is something I am struggling with both emotionally and physically. I feel she has drained me. I introduced a little bit of formula last night to see if that would help Martha sleep longer, but it didn’t, although she did have a better night last night. 

We did have a few days where Martha woke up twice in the night and then went straight back down, this then allowed me to get enough sleep to be able to chase after Mabel during the day. However with this growth spurt and constant feeding means that there is no sleep during the night. When Doug goes back to work and this does not change soon I am going to be a walking zombie. Last night was an improvement but it does seem a bit hit and miss. 

On Sunday we had another midwife appointment which was meant to be our last, but due to Martha still being jaundice the midwife had to return today to check on this. Everything else from the Sunday appointment was completely fine and we got great advice on a couple of sore areas and how to make them better. This included wiping Martha’s eyes and then putting breast milk in them to help clear up her sticky eyes. This has worked an absolute treat and I am fascinated that breast milk can help with a number of issues. Martha also put back on some weight to 7lb 12oz, nearly at her birth weight.

We also had a visit from the Healthcare worker on Tuesday and she weighed Martha again. This time she weighed 7lb 15oz, (so close to 8lb), and I was fascinated that she was only 50.5cm in length. To me that is quite small.

Today’s midwife appointment was extremely quick, only 5 minutes, and Martha was discharged from their care, but because of the jaundice she has been referred back to the hospital. We have an appointment on Tuesday for another blood test to be done. Fingers crossed all will be fine again. 

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