3 Weeks Postpartum Update

I am almost fully recovered. I still have some slight pain where the cut was made but it is hardly noticeable anymore.
My body has slowed down with the weight loss, I think this is due to not breastfeeding anymore. I have actually lost 0lbs and my diet this week has been awful. I really need to start eating healthier foods and do some sort of exercise to get into shape. 

This week saw a change with breastfeeding. I had been having some difficulty with pain in my boobs due to poor latching and they were becoming painfully engorged as well. Even pumping was hurting. I decided to knock breastfeeding on the head and have gradually been introducing Martha to Formula. It is something I am happy and content with because I am not dreading Martha waking up anymore. Instead I can enjoy this time with just us two, especially in the middle of the night because we are the only ones up. Plus it is nice that Doug can help feed and have some time with Martha.
Th beginning of the week we were still on a pattern in the night of being up every 2 hours, and when it got to the early hours of the morning for some reason Martha did not want to be put into her moses basket. It is gradually changing where Martha will sleep for a little bit longer, sometimes 3 hours, and will be up in the day for a lot longer. The past couple of days, touch wood, she has been settling in her moses basket a little bit easier. I also have started to get use to the lack of sleep I get each day and feel comfort in knowing that it won’t last forever. 
On Tuesday Martha had an appointment at the hospital for more tests on her prolonged jaundice. Due to the hospital not ringing yesterday with the results means that it came back all clear. I also received a letter today stating this and an appointment has been made to go back next week for them to check on her. As of Tuesday she weighed 8lb 5oz and has started to slowly uncurl her arms and legs. I am amazed how strong her neck is because she is constantly moving her head around when I am trying to burp her. 
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