4 Weeks Postpartum Update

I have pretty much fully recovered. Yes finally no more pain.
This week I have lost a further 2lbs so I am down to 142lbs or 65.2kg, very nearly at the 63kg I started at. I feel like my body is getting back into shape and running around after Mabel is helping a lot.

Formula Feeding
We have seen an increase in how much formula Martha is taking, from 2/3oz to at least 4oz, with top ups now and again of a further 2oz. Doug has also been able to join in the fun and games of doing a night-time feed now and again, which in turn means a little extra sleep for me.
There is generally no change with sleeping because I am up about twice in the night, but there is a similar pattern of timings forming. She will wake up 10/11pm, 2/3am and then up at a similar time as Mabel which is 5/6am, so in general still sleeping only 2 to 3 hours.
We had another healthcare visit on Monday and Martha had put on more weight and weighed just shy of 9lbs. Her newborn clothes are starting to get too small, but up to 1 month clothes are too big in the length.
We also had to go back to the hospital for a check up today to see if there was a change in her jaundice. Apparently last week she had elevated levels in a couple of tests and a repeat blood test was needed. I am currently waiting on these results, but the nurse did say how much better Martha looked.

Can’t believe she is 1 month old tomorrow.

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