Labour and Delivery Story (Baby #2)

So where do I begin…..
On Wednesday 17th February at 38 weeks, I went into the Delivery Suite for 8am for an Induction due to a growth scan picking up the baby being on the larger side a couple of days earlier. 
We were shown to a room which would be where we would be delivering the baby. At 8:30 I was hooked up to a monitor to check the baby’s heart rate for an hour and also had a blood test done.
On the monitor.
After this at 9:30/10am I was examined and found to be 2 cm dilated, so a pessary tablet was inserted and I had 6 hours to walk about the hospital or bounce on a ball to see if it could get things moving. While this was going on my blood results came back and I was extremely surprised to be told I had low iron. Another blood test would be taken after I gave birth to check the levels again to see if things had changed.

Lots of time walking around and taking selfies
At 16:30 I was examined again and I was still only 2 cm dilated. The midwife however was still able to break my waters and I was told again to move around. That is easier said than done when you have waters pouring out all the time. Not a great look. 
Yet again after 2 hours of nothing happening, well only a couple of niggles, at 18:30 I was put onto the drip. This was to speed up contractions and it was something I was use to as I was put on the drip with Mabel. The midwives checked my tummy to see what position the baby was in and said they thought she might be back to back. Oh dear. Not again.
Nothing worked so I was put on the drip
Within the hour of the drip going in I was starting to have contractions, then another hour later and the talk of pain relief was discussed. I started on gas and air but knew I wanted an epidural, so not long after I was being prepped for it. Before they could insert it I started to throw up and felt so awful that they had to give me an injection to stop me being sick. 
The epidural went in about 22:00 and an hour later I was still using gas and air for the pain. The anesthetist was called back and the cold spray test was done only for them to find the epidural only worked up until my knees. Another dose was administered and I was left for it to kick in. Yet again it did not seem to be working and another hour later the anesthetist was called back. This time they found the epidural was only working up until my hips, so it still was not enough. We had only one more attempt to get it working with another stronger dose before the anesthetist would reinsert it. By this time I was giving up on the pain relief that I wanted because as they examined me they found I was 6/7cm dilated, so I was progressing.
1am rolled around and it seemed things were speeding up. The epidural had finally worked which was such a relief, I could actually talk and breathe properly. The only problem now was the heart rate of the baby kept disappearing. By 1:30 after moving from side to side to get the monitor to register the heart rate, they decided to examine me again and pop a little cap on the baby’s head that can monitor it. However when they checked I was 9cm dilated and it seemed that baby was ready to come, so that being said with the next contraction I started to push. The baby’s head was facing down which was great news, but the midwives got a scalpel and said in my notes it said to give me an episiotomy. I never realised this as I thought we were avoiding any forms of cutting or tearing, which is why I was being induced early.
In the end I was cut and within 20 minutes from the start of pushing Martha arrived into the world at 1:54am on Thursday 18th February, Daddy’s Birthday, and was immediately put onto my chest for skin to skin contact. I cherished this moment because I never got the chance to do it with Mabel.
Martha did come out with the cord around her neck but she was otherwise completely fine. After my placenta came out I bled a little bit but not enough to require me to go to the theatre, although there was talk about being taken to be stitched up. Luckily the midwife there felt she was more than capable of stitching the 2nd degree cut, so myself, Doug and our little Martha got to spend this time together.
Right after giving birth. Like Mother Like Daughter.
When we were eventually moved onto the ward at around 6am I was put into a private room with it’s own bathroom and shower. I felt like I hit the jackpot there, plus because it was private it meant that Doug could stay if he wanted to, but he went home to refresh and came back a couple of hours later.
Not long after being on the ward I had another blood test to check the iron levels. This came back as very low and because I lost quite a bit of blood again I was on the cusp of having a transfusion. Due to wanting to be discharged that day they said they will allow me to have the iron tablets 3 times a day.
Unfortunately we did not make it home that day because Martha’s checks turned up some fluid on the lungs. She had a noticeable grunt every time she breathed and so we had to stay in for observations until this grunt went. I am glad we did because during the night Martha started choking on some flem and turned purple. The help and reassurance of the midwives made things so much easier.
Martha Florence Goodland born at 1:54am 18/2/2016 weighing 7lb 14oz
So now 2 different labour and deliveries down will I ever have anymore children. That is an unknown question for now. I think I will give it a good few years to heal and spend lots of time with my girls before I decide.

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