Toddler Battling Eczema

Since Mabel was a couple of months old she has suffered from eczema. I still remember the rash and spots that covered her tiny body because it sent me into a panic thinking could it be meningitis? Of course the doctors confirmed it was eczema and she was prescribed Aveeno cream for her body, Oilatum Formula for the bath and Piriton to help with the scratching. All this did not seem to bother her because she was so small and we managed to stay on top of it for a while. 
In November Mabel had a massive flare up where it was everywhere and sections would bleed because she had scratched it so much. No matter how much cream we used it did not make a single bit of difference. Instead it got worse. We took her to see a dermatologist and were told that her eczema had become infected. She was put on antibiotics, steroid cream for her face, a stronger steroid cream for her body, as well as more Aveeno cream for her body and the bath. The mixture of these worked an absolute treat.

Such an improvement, now to stay on top of it.

That was until a few weeks ago when Mabel’s cheeks had become red, sore, dry and cracked. Another trip to the doctor confirmed that yet again there was an infection so she is back on antibiotics and steroid cream, which is helping. Now we just need to stay on top of it.

The percentage of babies and toddlers that have eczema is incredibly high and a lot of them grow out of it by the time they are 3. That is exactly what I am hoping for Mabel, that she will also grow out of it, but if not learning all what triggers a flare up and what we can use to help her will make things that bit easier.

Does your little one suffer from Eczema? What did you do or find that helped it?

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