2 Month Postpartum

On Monday saw us reach the 2 month mark (currently 9 weeks) and I am recovered, whoop whoop. The one thing that I am disappointed about is that my weight has gone back up slightly over the past 4 weeks since I last weighed myself to 66kg. To be fair it has been my Birthday and we had Easter. Lots of yummy chocolate.
Formula Feeding
We have seen another increase in the amount of formula Martha is taking to 5oz feeds about 7 times in a 24 hour period. Even though she is taking more, she is not sleeping longer.
Martha is still waking up on average twice a night, but she goes straight back down in her crib after a feed. However, during the day she will still not nap in her crib but find that anywhere else is comfy enough to sleep. This is fine but with Mabel running around she constantly gets woken up.


Last week we had a healthcare visit and Martha weighed in at 12lb 2oz. She is growing rather quickly that we have already started putting her into some 3-6 months clothes. 
Next week we will be having a check up at the doctors before the first immunisation jabs. I don’t really mind them because it is over within seconds, but with the check up we have a feeling that Martha is also suffering from Eczema, but hey ho we are becoming experts in that area. 

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