Meal Plan & Shopping List #16

Over the past month or so I have noticed my shopping bill has been quite high, but after taking out the calculations of nappies, wipes, baby milk, the weekly food shop does not seem so bad.
I am however going to try and cut the weekly spend to £50/£60 to include everything, which I have managed to achieve this week. Pat on the back for me. Although this week I did not need to get wipes or nappies. I have moved Martha onto the powdered formula for when we are at home, and this alone has saved us £10 this week. (I know ready made is expensive but for the first couple of months it is a life saver when it comes to time and convenience).

Note: Some things might not be on the list because we already have that item at home.
Meal Plan:
Pork Loins, Roast Potatoes and Carrots

Burgers with Homemade Wedges

Spaghetti Bolognese

Fishcake with Salad

Thai Green Chicken Curry with Rice

Baked Potato with Cheese

Southern Fried Chicken, Chips and Beans

Shopping List
Mushroom 290g
Milk 8 Pints
2 x Cod Fishcakes (2)
Salad Bowl 330g
2 x Bran Flakes 750g
Angus Beef Burgers (4)
Carrots 1kg
3 x Jacobs Crisps (7)
Baked Beans
Tomatoes (6)
Hovis Bread
Chopped Tomatoes
Braeburn Apples (5)
Large White Baps (4)
Olive Oil 500ml
Easy Peelers 600g
2 x Quaker Oat Bars (5)
Korma Sauce
Potatoes 3kg
Cow and Gate Milk Powder
Thai Green Curry Sauce
Cheddar Cheese 350g
Instant Coffee 100g
Chips 1.8kg
Clover Spread 500g
Toilet Roll (9)
Total: £51.39 (Ocado)
Total For The Week

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