Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn Set

I have previously done a review on the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair with the baby set which you can check out here. I thoroughly loved it which is why I didn’t think twice about purchasing another one for my newborn, but this time with the newborn set.

The Tripp Trapp to sum up if you don’t know is a highchair that can be adjusted for your little one to use as they grow. You pay extra for the newborn set which is designed to allow your baby, from birth to 6 months, to be at the same height up at the table. It has a harness for safety so your baby won’t fall out and has a machine washable cover.

I am just so happy with this purchase. The thing that I love about the newborn set, apart from it being super easy to fit on the chair, is that I can have both girls in the kitchen with me while I am baking or making dinner. Martha is high enough up so if Mabel is walking about she can’t grab her all the time, and when Mabel is in her chair being the same height means they can spend even more time together.

There is a downside and it is the price. It is expensive with both the chair and the newborn set costing £244, and that is without the baby set and cushion. However, for us as a family we have absolutely loved using our first one and so it was natural to get our other daughter one. The cost is something that does not matter because we use them all the time. Even if they do outgrow them and no longer want to use them, we can always use them as extra seating for the family BBQ’s.

*This product was purchased for me by a relative. All opinions are my own*

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