The Next Stage…….A Bed…….and…….A Cot

Moving a newborn into a cot, (where the cot just swamps them), and moving a toddler from a cot into a big bed can be a scary thing. Well I am doing it both at the same time. Yes I am slightly insane.
I had been putting it off for a couple of weeks, one because the transition is scary for both child and parent and two because I wanted to do the move at the same time as moving Martha, who is 10 weeks old into the cot. I was a bit unsure how it would go because you read articles that tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. At the end of the day you know your children better than anyone and know what way is best for them. 
We finally made the move a couple of days ago so things are still new, but I can honestly say I think we have little princesses. 
Martha loves the cot and I knew she would because she has space to spread out and kick her legs. The first night we put her in it at 7pm, and she only woke up once for a feed. I have even managed to get her to nap in the cot once during the day, so I will be trying to do this everyday now.

When we moved Mabel into the bed I had actually tested it out with her during the day. She went straight to sleep and then shouted for me when she woke up. I think she had forgotten she could actually get out of the bed herself until I went into the room and showed her. We have bed guards up so she doesn’t fall out and have put a little stool at the bottom of the bed for her to get in and out easily.

Then the first night she did exactly the same. Went off to sleep at 7pm just like Martha, and did not wake up until the morning when she cried out for us. Again she did not get off her bed until we went into the room, at that point she then slid her way off the bottom. Such a little treasure. I know we will end up with Mabel in our room at some point or playing with her toys, but because she is not doing it now means she understands it is bedtime.

This process has been fun, easy and enjoyable. I really could not of asked for anything more of these two little girls.

Let’s hope we get a similar outcome when we move them both into the same room, but that won’t be for a good few months yet. 

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