Extra Income By Doing Online Surveys

If you have been reading my blogs you will know that I have been trying to save a little bit of money by using Supermarket cashback apps as well as Vouchers.

I have also been trying my hand at making money by doing online surveys and have recently cashed in on two great sites, Panelbase and Swagbucks. Of course, you will never make a living doing this but having that little extra income does help.
So do you actually make anything?
The answer is Yes if you put a little bit of time into it.
Earlier this month I had noticed on the Money Saving Expert website an offer that if you joined up to Swagbucks and earn enough points that equate to £5 they will automatically add another £10 worth on top. You only have 30 days to do it in but I found I earned the required amount in no time at all.

You earn points for not just doing surveys but by watching videos, playing games, even doing searches on their site. If I had the time I would sit down and just attempt to do maybe one survey or get to the daily goal that adds a couple of extra points. I have recently managed to cash in some points for a £15 e-gift card to spend in Marks and Spencers. (It is up to you when cashing in what reward you would like.)

The other site is Panelbase which rewards you with a cash amount after completing each survey. I recently got the opportunity to test out a new mascara for Free plus after completion of the project I received £5. In total, I have just cashed in £15.40 which has gone straight into my bank account. You do have to reach the threshold of £10 before you can transfer the money over, but you can easily do this by answering 7 or 8 surveys.

If you find you have some time on your hands why not give one of these sites a try and turn that time into money.
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