Meal Plan and Shopping List #19

Note: Some things might not be on the list because we already have that item at home.

Meal Plan


Spanish Chicken and Rice

Quiche and Salad

Vegetable Curry with Rice

Ham and Pea Carbonara

Chicken and Vegetable Couscous

Fish, New Potatoes and Salad

Shopping List
Button Mushrooms 200g
Clover Spread 500g
Chicken Breast Fillets 650g
Salad Onions
Semi Skimmed Milk 8 Pints
Gammon Steak 280g
Iceberg Lettuce
Whole Milk 4 Pints
Chicago Town Pizza 645g
Cherry Tomatoes
Mature Cheddar 480g
Breaded Fish Fillets (2)
Creme Fraiche 200ml
Method Kitchen Cleaner
Mixed Peppers (3)
Couscous 1kg
Colgate Toothpaste
Salad Potatoes 1kg
2 x White Bread
Fairy Liquid 780ml
Apple (6)
Brown Sandwich Thins
Cow & Gate Milk Formula
2 x Belvita Soft Bake (5)
Paediasure Shake 49g
Total £44.14 (Ocado)
Little Ones Nappies Size 6 £4
Little Ones Nappies Size 3 £4
Pampers Wipes £4.50
Total: £12.50 (Sainsbury’s)

Total For The Week

*We have spent a little bit more than this total. I have been trying my hand at using up vouchers and getting cashback from certain purchases. This will all be explained in a separate post. Total including the cashback items £72.40.
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