Meal Plan and Shopping List #20

All I can say is ‘Oh Dear‘ for this week. I decided to split the shop up so the majority of groceries came from Sainsburys and the extra bits I bought in Tesco. The problem is that I went to Sainsburys late on Friday night to see what bargains they had and so picked up quite a few reduced items. All of them have gone into the freezer but it has made my shopping bill very very very high this week. I am hoping that it evens itself out for next week because I have already done the meal plan for then based on the reduced items I bought. I also cheekily bought a bottle of wine that was on offer for the weekend. Ooopps.

Note: Some things might not be on the list because we already have that item at home.

Meal Plan

 Sausage Baps and Chips

Chilli Con Carne with Rice

Pork Roast

Pasta with Pasta Sauce

Pork Fajitas

Pitta Pizzas and Roasted New Potatoes

Pork Fried Rice

Shopping List
2 x Warburtons Bagels
2 x Mozzarella
6 x Bananas
Finger Rolls (6)
Olive Spread 500g
Warburtons Bread
Rapeseed Oil 1L
Pork Joint
Garlic Bread (2)
2 x Peanut Butter
Thai Chicken Breasts
2 x White Bread
Whole Milk 8 Pints
Chicken Wings
Kidney Beans
Semi Skimmed Milk 4 Pints
Chilli Con Carne Mix
Coffee 200g
Cod Loins
Pasta 500g
2 x Squash
Tuna Fishcake (2)
2 x Brioche (8)
3 x Lemon Tonic 1L
Sausages (8)
Bourbon Biscuits
Red Wine
Frozen Green Beans 1kg
Chocolate Digestive
Flash Bathroom Spray
Salted Peanuts
Little Ones Nappies 6 (38)
Little Ones Wipes (4)
Cow and Gate Formula Milk
Total £60.81 (Sainsburys)
Shopping List
Fajita Mix
Cheddar Cheese (550g)
Peppers (3)
Soya Sauce
Cheerios 600g
Baby Potatoes 1kg
Pitta Bread (6)
Bran Flakes 1kg
Chilli Wrap (8)
Walkers Crisps (40)
Kipling Slices (9)
Hand Wash
Bath Soak
Toilet Roll (9)
Total £20.61 (Tesco)

Total For The Week

*I am really not doing too good at trying to make my weekly shop £50/£60. I think I might have to step back and go through the necessities of each week and then recalculate a suitable budget to stick to.*
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