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Trying to find a healthy snack, then look no further!

Staying healthy and keeping fit is extremely important to me and something that I need to improve on. I can’t use the excuse of I don’t have time because I have two children to run around after all day. I mean if I tried and got organised I could squeeze in some healthy choices of food throughout the day.

I am part of the BzzCampaign and recently came across these Danone Light & Free Yogurts that I got from Tesco which are 0% Fat-Free and are only 50-60 calories per pot, depending on which flavour you go for. They are a guilt-free deliciously thick and creamy snack.

These yoghurts are great on there own or with some fruit as part of a healthy breakfast. They are tasty and I have found them to be such a perfect snack for not just me but for Mabel. Knowing that they are 0% Fat-Free, 0% added sugar and are low in calories means that I don’t hesitate when grabbing a pot.

#lightandfree #spon #GotItFree

*I received this product for Free from Danone and BzzAgent. All opinions are my own*
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