Where Did All The Pee Go?

Have you ever wondered what the best nappy for your baby is, especially during the night? I know I have.
When it comes to night-time it is extremely busy with your little ones brain working away and those precious hours of sleep are important for their mood and development. With Pampers Baby-Dry your baby should enjoy up to 12 hours of overnight dryness meaning those precious Golden hours of Sleep are not affected. Baby-Dry has a unique design with 3 Absorbing Channels that distribute wetness evenly and Micro Pearls that then locks them away. It creates a less wet and bulky nappy for when they wake up in the mornings, meaning you will ask yourself ‘where did all the pee go?.

Recently I had the opportunity to trial the Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies and it could not have come at a better time. Over the past couple of weeks Martha, our 4-month-old, had been getting some wet mornings and I find it to be a disturbance for her because at those times she wakes up earlier than what she would normally. We received a lovely package in the post that had all the accessories needed to test out the nappies for ourselves (Scissors, A Nappy, Tommee Tippee Bottle) along with a pack of nappies for Martha to try.

Still not sure about it!
Keep Reading.

I replicated the babies pee by pouring 150ml of water evenly across the Pampers Baby-Dry nappy. Then gripping the nappy I shook quite hard 5 times to see if the wetness would hold, and it did.

The next step was to see if it was as dry as they claim it to be on your baby’s skin by running my fingers over the nappy. Guess what? It is all true. The nappy was dry. To check where the pee(water) had all gone I cut along the nappy horizontally and could clearly see it all distributed evenly across those 3 absorbing channels.

I find myself questioning why I did not try Pampers Baby-Dry out before. Maybe it was because I did not believe they worked or maybe because Pampers are priced a little high, but after doing this test I feel I have been ignorant of their claims. Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies are the brand that I will go to in order to get the best bulk-free and dry nappy to use for little Martha. By only using the Pampers nappies at night, means that the cost of them won’t matter as they will last a few weeks.I now have a very dry and happy baby in the mornings.*I received this product for Free from BritMums and Pampers. All opinions are my own*
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