An Update With Two Under 2

I feel like I haven’t written about the girls and family life in a while. There is an answer for that. I just felt like I haven’t had the time. Sitting down to just type a sentence on my blog could take a good few hours, but now I am learning about routines all over again.
Having two under 2, one 5 months and the other 21 months old, is a whole different ballgame and it can be overwhelming at times. Routines have been non existent in this household, that is until now. I have finally managed to get both girls on a more similar schedule with nap time and bedtime which allows both Doug and I to have some time together in the evenings. However, these routines are not set in stone because life with two under 2 is very unpredictable.
During the day Martha has been wanting more attention and she has finally mastered rolling over. Yippee! No more staying still now. It feels weird because I know it won’t be long until she starts crawling and then I am in for it, chasing after them both.

At the moment I am in the process of trying to wean, which is always fun. Everything that goes into Martha’s mouth just gets spat out again. She definitely does not take after her sister who used to gobble everything down, so it will be a great achievement when she does like something.

Martha is 5 months old now and has been sleeping through the night since 3 months. There will be the odd occasion where she might wake in the early hours, definitely not my favourite time, but that is rare. On some nights we may also get a little visitor, but we put Mabel straight back in her bed and she just goes back to sleep. Both girls will usually be in bed by 8:30/9pm with Mabel being the easiest one to go down at 7/7:30pm.

Over the past few months Mabel has really come into her own and it amazes me how quickly she is learning. I only need to show her how to do things once and it gets logged into that brain of hers. She loves to help me around the house by putting nappies in the bin, getting her bowl and cereal out the cupboard, grabbing a muslin or blanket for Martha and even taking dry washing off the airer for me to fold. My little helper.

Watching how she interacts with Martha and never failing to give her a kiss and a cuddle literally every hour, she is just adorable. We have not started potty training yet but that will be on the cards before she is 2, which is only a few months away. Yikes! Better start planning.
Now to tell you briefly about the scary experience we had a few weeks ago. Mabel was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties.

I felt extremely torn because I was on my own with both girls in the ambulance and in A & E Resus for a while. Trying to mother two girls with one really unwell was hard, but yet again Martha was just happy to wait so I could focus on Mabel. After many tests, an Xray, back to back nebulisers and an overnight stay Mabel was well enough to come home again, but with the addition of an inhaler. The doctors are not able to say if she has asthma until she is 5, but I am hoping this was a one-off.
So there you have it. Having two under 2 is hard at times, but I think I am extremely lucky and blessed to be mothering two gorgeous, happy little girls. No matter how busy, chaotic and messy our lives are.
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