Mabel’s Lunchbox Ideas with Hartley’s

I have been looking at sending Mabel to pre-school for a couple of sessions a week, which means she would need to have a lunchbox. We received in the post from Hartley’s their Yellow lunchbox along with stickers to stick on it and also 2 tubs of their jelly.

It did not take us long to create our work of art.

I am still getting the hang of putting lunchboxes together, but here are some of my ideas for quick, easy and nutritious lunchbox items that I use for Mabel.
1. Carrot/Pepper/Cucumber/Celery Sticks (Which ever I have in the fridge) I also put a small pot of hummus to dip them into, if I have any.
2. Fruit
3. Small Box of Raisins
4. Chop up some cheese into small cubes (Cheaper than buying the extra individual cheeses)
5. Ham/Cheese/Tuna Salad Sandwich (If she has cubed cheese in her lunchbox then I will opt for a different filling for the sandwich)
6. Couscous (Might sound weird but my toddler loves this. I usually throw many salad items in with some couscous to create more substance)
7. Yoghurt/Hartleys Jelly Pot (As a little treat now and again)
8. Bottle of Water (With all the running around she can never have enough of this)

Within the Hartley’s Lunchbox Collector Scheme you too can claim a free Hartley’s lunchbox and Stickers. All you need to do is collect 12 special edition green lids from across the No added Sugar Jelly Pots (115g) and then head on over to Hartley’s website.

*This post is an entry for BritMums #HartleysYourLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Hartleys Jelly.*
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