Meal Plan and Shopping List #33

This week I managed to get a great deal from Waitrose. Not only did I have a £20 gift card to use up but they had an offer of £20 off a £100 shop, for first-time customers. An item was not in stock for delivery so I was still able to get the offer as I initially had over £100 of groceries.

Note: Some things might not be on the list because we already have that item at home.

Meal Plan

Chicken and Chorizo Paella

Lemon and Herb Cod with Peas

Chicken Fajitas

Cherry Tomato and Basil Quiche

Posh Burger and Chips

Egg, Sausage and Peppers

Walnut and Cheddar Pesto Chicken Couscous

Shopping List
Apples (6)
Green Pesto
Coffee 200g
Mixed Salad 100g
Tomato Pesto
Choco Pops 600g
Potatoes 2kg
Balsamic Vinegar
Bran Flakes 750g
New Potatoes 750g
Long Grain Rice 2.5kg
Hula Hoops (14)
Carrots 1kg
Robinsons Summer Fruits 1l
Quavers (12)
Robinsons Blackcurrant 1l
2 x Morning Bars
4 x Chopped Tomatoes
2 x Pampers Wipes (4)
Fajita Mix
2 x Cow & Gate Formula Milk
2 x Mixed Peppers (3)
2 x Bread
Cherry Tomatoes 500g
Wraps (8)
Shower Gel
1 Lemon
2 x Clover 500g
Toilet Roll (12)
Frozen Peas 907g
Fromage Frais (6)
Non Bio Gel
Kelly’s Ice Cream 2l
Whole Milk 6 Pints
Bio Gel
Young’s Cod Loins
Semi Skimmed 4 Pints
2 x Fairy Liquid 820ml
Strongbow Cider (4)
Total: £93.11 (Waitrose) – £40 Voucher/Gift card = £53.11

Total For The Week

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