Crying It Out

Well, what can I say! We seemed to have found ourselves back at this place again. NO SLEEP.
When Martha was around 3 months old she started sleeping through the night, not a murmur came from her and everyone managed to get a great nights sleep. Now she is 7 months and it is like that was all a dream. Did she ever do that?
I can’t tell you how much we have been struggling lately, but I am pretty sure it is down to us that has caused it. Martha can not settle herself to sleep at all, not for naps and especially not when it’s bedtime. For a while we found ourselves rocking her, or feeding her to sleep, then trying to carefully, gently, using a lot of shushes at Mabel because one word or noise would wake her up again, attempt to place her down in the cot. Sometimes it worked the first time, others we may have to attempt it a second, third or god forbid a fourth time.

You would think that would be it, but no. Martha would constantly wake up during the night literally every hour, sometimes twice an hour and it would take us going in and rubbing her belly to send her back off. Again sometimes this worked, but sometimes it didn’t which then would require us getting her up, and it could be another 2 hours before she will go back down in her cot again. My feeling is because she has got used to us sending her off to sleep she can’t do it herself, therefore when she wakes up she panics. After all, the last thing she knew was being in our arms.
It is time to change this because we are all tired and it’s not fair for anyone. The option I am going for is the Crying It Out Method. I know this is not for everyone but at the moment I feel like I have tried every single thing I could think of, plus it worked on Mabel when she was 13 months old. Not only that but even though Martha won’t take it I am trying my best to get her to use a dummy. By taking away the comfort of being with us I have to replace it with something and so I have opted for a dummy, not that she keeps it in her mouth longer than 10 seconds.

I am only a day into this process and it has been difficult in the sense of my heart strings have been pulled to the extreme with Martha crying. I will go more into how we get on, and what routine we used in the upcoming weeks.
Fingers Crossed Everyone!
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