Mabel and Martha’s Bedroom

The other week we decided it was time to decorate the girl’s bedroom so we could move them both into the same room. Mabel and Martha only have 16 months between them so it feels right for us to have them sharing a bedroom.
We painted the ceiling white to give it a fresh coat, and only painted one wall pink because it was going to be a little feature wall with items I had picked up months ago. On the wall is the Peter Pan Full Text Poster (£31.46 Amazon) in a Black Frame (£12.99 The Range) then either side above each of the girl’s beds is a Copper Wall Plaque in the letter ‘M’ with Battery powered lights (£18 Next – Now £20)

I bought the Ditsy Patchwork Blackout Eyelet Curtains (£39.99 Dunelm) and the matching Patchwork Rug (£14.99 Dunelm). Having lots of different colours in the patchwork means that they should go with the pink wall and blue carpet. The carpet will eventually change but that will be when we get around to doing all the upstairs flooring.

Mabel’s bed was made by her Grandad and Marthas is a second-hand Mamas and Papas cot, but I hope she too will have a handmade bed when she is ready for it. Mabel’s bedding is from Asda but she will soon be getting a new single duvet Paw Patrol bedding set for her 2nd Birthday which I know she is going to love. On her bed is a cushion with the letter ‘M’ (£4 Sale Next – Now £10) that will be going on a chair or a side cabinet when I get it.

The wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table we have had for a few years and does the job for now. However, I can’t wait for the new year to hopefully purchase some new furniture for the room to make it complete.

Do you have siblings sharing a bedroom?
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