Our Bedtime Routine With Bepanthen

Over the past couple of years, I have tried numerous brands of nappy cream, with some working really well and others not so much. Bepanthen was one of the brands that I really liked because of how easy it is to apply and it never irritated Mabel’s sensitive skin. It forms a breathable and transparent layer that protects the skin against the cause of nappy rash, but not only that, it has pro-vitamin B5, which gently aids the natural recovery of babies’ skin.

Recently we have been weaning Martha and with that comes a thicker, fuller nappy, which has caused a little redness. For 7 months she has gone without having nappy rash, and I hope to extend this longer with the use of Bepanthen especially before bed.

Our bedtime routine starts with a nice warm bath, because of Mabel’s sensitive skin we bath the girls every other day, and I use a few squirts of Aveeno Bath lotion to help with eczema. Both the girls enjoy having a bath together because it allows them to splash about and have a little bit of playtime in the bath along with lots and lots of toys.
After we make sure the girls are completely dry before applying the Bepanthen, then we pop on a nappy and some comfy pyjamas. Mabel has her eczema cream applied to her legs and arms before her pyjamas go on.

Then it is on to milk time. Yum Yum, and an episode or two of Paw Patrol.
This is then followed by the brushing of teeth for Mabel and it is straight into bed for both of them, well I attempt it with Martha because she is still learning to try and settle herself. I read a story which is usually whatever book I pick out of the cupboard first and then fingers crossed it is off to dreamland.
Sleep is extremely important for little ones because their brain is constantly working on new skills so you never want them to have a disturbed night, especially for something like nappy rash. Nighttime is when the girls are in their nappies for the longest and so Bepanthen is and will remain in our bedtime routine so we can protect their little bottoms.
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