Meal Plan and Shopping List #41

This week I decided to order another Gousto box for us to have at least 4 meals in the house when we got home from holiday. It meant that I could do a quick shop to pick up a couple of other bits.

Note: Some things might not be on the list because we already have that item at home.

Meal Plan

 Giant Meatball in Tomato Broth (Gousto)

Balsamic Glazed Sausages (Gousto)

Stuffed Mushrooms with Salad

Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Gousto)

Smoky Pepper and Chive Risotto (Gousto)

Chicken Curry, Rice and Naan Bread
Pie, Mash and Peas
Shopping List
Tomatoes (6)
Tikka Masala Curry
Flat Mushrooms (4)
4 Rolls
Rice 1kg
Spring Onions
Naan (2)
Couscous 1kg
3 Onions
6 Pint Whole Milk
2 x Fruit Bars
3 Red Onions
Rice Pops
Chicken Breast
Peanut Butter
Crisps (12)
Peppers (3)
2 x Vegetable Bakes (2)
Baby Potatoes
Vegetable Oil
Custard Creams
Potatoes 2.5kg
Tuna (4)
Chocolate Digestives
5 Bananas
Organix Biscuit Rings
Organix Fruit Pots (4)
Pampers Wipes (4)
Cow & Gate Apple Crumble
Dummies (2)
Hipp Fruit Yoghurt Medley
Blueberry Wafers
Total: £49.27 (Sainsbury’s)
Gousto Box £41.99 – £15 Voucher = £26.99
 Total: £26.99 (Gousto)
Cow & Gate Formula Milk £8.66
 Total: £8.66 (Tesco)

Total For The Week

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