Are We Getting Any Sleep? – A Little Update

A month or so ago we started putting together a new routine for Martha because she was such a bad sleeper, and so we were trying the crying it out method.
When we started it was awful. I knew that when she cried she didn’t need anything because when we picked her up she would go to sleep. She just wanted us. She was attached. I thought from when I did this method with Mabel, after a few days it should have got easier, but instead, it seemed to get worse. I then questioned whether Martha was actually ready for this.

Before the week was up I had decided to stop the crying it out method because it just seemed to not be working, however, as soon as I decided it I saw an improvement in Martha’s naps during the day. Sleeping at night was still non-existent for me, but I got a tiny bit of hope.

I changed what I was doing so that I would use the crying it out method during the day only and within a week Martha got the hang of it. This then spurred me on to attempt it at night, because we were literally halfway there. I must admit the first few nights were pretty rough and pushed all of us, but soon Martha was quite happy to sleep all night long. We still have the odd waking but she settles back down with her dummy, or sometimes we just let her have a cry if she is a bit unsettled because the majority of the time she is crying at being awake.
It is such a big relief especially for me that things have changed and Martha is actually sleeping and managing to self-settle. I don’t have that scared, anxious feeling anymore because I know I will be getting some sleep.

Crying it out is not for everyone and some children might not take to this approach, I know I thought we had to call it quits on the whole thing. It seemed that Martha was not quite ready for it all to happen in one go and so doing it in stages helped her in the long run. Yet again the crying it out method has worked for our family and I can now catch up on all the sleep I have lost.
Have you struggled with your little ones sleep?
What have you found to work? 
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