Letting Go

Last week the time came for Mabel to start preschool. Usually, preschools do not accept children until they are 2 1/2 years old but I managed to find one a couple of villages away that took them from 2 years old.

 Look at her waiting to go.

It felt like such a bittersweet moment because, on the one hand, she will be getting to make friends and learn so much more, but it is a nervous experience for me as a parent learning that she doesn’t always need me. As soon as we walked into the school that was it, she was off playing with anything and everything. Doug stayed in the room as they require that for the first session to allow a smooth transition, but after an hour he was told he could go home.

When I picked her up at lunchtime she had messy hands and her top had marks on it from all the colouring in she had been doing. I was told that she had been out into the garden and played in the sandpit, which when we removed her shoes at home, she had brought most of the sand home with her. Mabel’s team leader said that she fitted in as if she had always been there, which was lovely to hear. I have a feeling she loves being away from home.

Smiling away after her first day

The reason why we are sending her to preschool at an early age is so she can play with other kids and start getting used to the school environment. She will only be going 2 mornings a week 9 am – 12 pm, Tuesday and Thursday because we have to pay for it, but as she starts to gain more independence we can increase the time she goes.

This is such a big milestone and I am just so happy that Doug got to experience it as well.

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