Weaning Martha

This is our second time around in the weaning experience and we have found that Martha is the total opposite to Mabel. What worked the first time may not work the second time around.
I noticed a while ago that Martha was not interested in food and so opted to wait until she was 6 months before trying her on anything, whereas Mabel we started at 18 weeks old. From then on it has been a very slow process in getting Martha use to different kinds of food.
I started her on pureed pots, pouches, and the baby porridge, but she would only take the smallest amount. I persevered with it and she gradually took more and more each time which was great, but then trying her on anything savoury and she would either gag or actually throw up. I think she has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Even with water she will not drink any unless there is a little bit of juice in it, and I know, I know it isn’t the best solution, but it is the only one we have found to work at the moment.
It was only when we went away on holiday the other week did Martha show any interest in food. When Mabel had her meals or a snack, Martha would moan or cry until I also gave her something. This was porridge, rice cakes, biscotti biscuits or the fruit pots, but she was still not interested in the savoury food items I attempted with her.

This whole process has been going on for months and months and only just recently, so this is still very new, has Martha been having proper food. I did not want to keep trying her on those meal pots you can buy specifically for babies, but instead I gave her bread and butter which she gobbled up, then later that night I gave her some of what Mabel was eating and that was Chicken and Butternut Squash Risotto Rice. She ate it all. No Gagging, No throwing up. That night Martha slept for 13 hours. The best nights sleep I have had in a long time.

So even though this weaning process has been different and taken a while, it seems skipping some steps and going straight into proper meals and food is what she was after all this time.
I hope this continues. 
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