Meal Plan and Shopping List #48

This week I managed to use 2 different vouchers that came through the door, (spend £40 get £4 off and spend £30 get £3 off). To get the biggest saving I split my shop into 2 transactions and saved myself £7.

Note: Some things might not be on the list because we already have that item at home.

Meal Plan

Pie, Roast Potatoes, and Broccoli

Soup with Ciabatta

Spaghetti Bolognese
Pitta Pizzas with Potato Wedges

Warm Chicken and Chorizo Pasta Salad

Chicken Stir Fry

Sausage, Mash, and Beans

Shopping List
Braeburn Apples
6 Pints of Whole Milk
2 x Mozzarella
Steak and Ale Pie
Little Ones Nappies 5
Tomatoes (6)
Mince 750g
3 x Hand Soap
Potatoes 2.5kg
Sausages (8)
2 x Shower Gel
Mushrooms 400g
Chorizo Ring 225g
2 x Shampoo
Mixed Peppers (3)
2 x Bread
Christmas Jumper
2 x Red Onion
Pittas (6)
Fairy Washing Up Liquid
Crisps (12)
Rice Pops (500g)
2 x Method Sprays
Raisins (12)
Toilet Roll (18)
2 x Custard Creams
Baked Beans
3 x Wrapping Paper
2 x Chocolate Digestives
Chopped Tomatoes
Frozen Stir Fry Veg
Tomato Puree
Frozen Chicken Fillets
Rigatoni 500g
Sweet and Sour Sauce
Total: £80.69 – £7 Voucher = £73.69 (Sainsbury’s)

Total For The Week

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