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Last week I was trialling the Simply Cook monthly recipe box, and yes it is a subscription box because I seem to be obsessed with these things. It is usually £8.99 but for your first box, you can get 50% off.

What Simply Cook do is send you a kit that contains the herbs and spices to make 4 different recipes, and don’t worry they send you the recipe cards to go along with them. For your trial box, the recipes are predetermined, but after you are able to choose and customise your preferences for your subsequent boxes. I, however, managed to put a preference of no fish for the trail box and ended up with 4 chicken recipes. Excellent!

With each of the recipe cards, you have a tear-off section, which is a list of the ingredients you need to pick up. Each recipe should feed 3/4 people depending on how hungry you are. Before I began shopping I thought I was going to have to pick up a lot of extra ingredients, but it turned out not to be the case. I only had to pick up about 4 things for each recipe, and I even already had some of the items in the house, meaning I was not spending a fortune as I initially thought I would.

Now onto the cooking. Following the recipe cards was extremely easy, and with each of them only taking 20/25 minutes to make, it meant I was not slaving away in the kitchen. I have to say for something so simple and small in these tiny pots of herbs, spices, paste’s, seasonings, I really noticed a difference in the taste of the meals compared to the meals I usually make.

Now I would have put photos on here of how each of them turned out, but unfortunately, it was too late in the evening and my husband and I were extremely hungry. However, I can say each of the recipes I tried was amazing and I can’t wait to try them out again.

*I purchased the Simply Cook trail box myself with a discount. All opinions are my own.*

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