2017 New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Usually, I don’t make new years resolutions. I always seem to break them or just never finish any of the goals I set out to do. However, this year I am hoping to change that. I have realised I need to set myself goals if I hoping to have an exciting, adventurous and hopefully a year full of opportunities.

So where do I begin………

1. Family Time.
We need more quality family time. Instead of sitting at home in front of the TV at weekends, we need to get out more and start exploring the places around us. Once every month I am hoping to take the girls out for the whole day somewhere within a couple of hours drive. I am also planning to play games with the girls more and try and have one on one times with each of the girls at some point during each week.

2. Cleaning Schedule.
I definitely need to implement one this year because I felt I let a couple of things slip last year, which resulted in my husband having to tackle them on the weekends when he is off work. I feel his time should be spent with the girls and with a schedule, I should be able to have the household chores under control. Well apart from DIY things, that is his fun job.
3. Drink More Water.
You might think this is simple, but I really struggle to get my daily intake of water. My drink of choice during the day is either a cup of tea or coffee, but I think I will feel a lot better with drinking more water. I am hoping to buy a water bottle so I can keep track a little bit more.
4. Being Organised.
This is a weird one for me to put up because, in some aspects of family life, such as meal planning, and our finances, I am totally on top of. In other areas not so much. I feel my brain is like a room full of post-it notes being blown about by a wind machine, (bad analogy I know) and I can get very confused and overwhelmed with certain things very quickly. I want to be more organised with as many things as I can, and I hope that this will help me be less moody I guess.

5. Work Harder.
This is aimed at my blog because I am a Stay at Home Mum. I would like to create more content, interact more with other bloggers, improve my photography, and have a schedule for my blog posts. I am hoping to push myself more with my blog and come out of my comfort zone.
So there we have it.I think I have kept the resolutions simple for someone that doesn’t make any usually, and I hope I can achieve them all.

Fingers Crossed.

Here’s to an exciting 2017.
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