My Cleaning Schedule

This year I have put in my New Years Resolutions that I want to have a cleaning schedule to be more organised with the household tasks. It has been tough this past year trying to clean with 2 little ones at home, but I am ready to tackle it all now.

I have put together a list of the basic chores that need to be done within our household, but this will be added to as and when things crop up or I remember something needs doing.

Do at Least 1 Load of Washing. (Wash/Dry/Put away)
Quick Clean Both Bathrooms
Clean Kitchen Surfaces/Table/Girls Chairs
Make the Beds
Pick Up Dirty Clothes Off the Floor and Put in Washing Basket
Wash Dishes/Dry/Put away
Tidy Up Any Clutter
Take Out Rubbish or Recycling

Clean Fridge
Clean Washing Machine
Clean Behind Large Appliances
Clean Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets
Wash Sofa Covers and Cushions


Clean Windows Inside and Out

My Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Daily Duties
Hoover the Whole House
Daily Duties
Clean Upstairs (Bedrooms/Bathroom)
Daily Duties
Clean Downstairs (Living Room/Study/Kitchen/Bathroom)
Daily Duties
Mop Downstairs
Meal Plan
Daily Duties
(Monthly Chore)
Daily Duties
Change All Bedding
Food Shopping
Daily Duties
(Monthly Chore)
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