Tesco Toy Bargains

At Tesco, I am someone that uses the scanners to do my shopping. I find it to be much easier and quicker especially when I have the little ones with me, but using a scanner can also bring up hidden gems.
In the toy section, some of the toys have been scanning at a much lower price to what is written on the shelf. You do have to hunt for them, but they are there.
Watch my video on the bargains I found.

Elsa Doll £3.08 (RRP £12.34)
Anna Doll £3.08 (RRP £12.34)
Play-Doh Crazy Cuts £4 (RRP £17.96)
Play-Doh Cake Party £3.25 (RRP £8.54)
Peppa Pig Outdoor Fun Swings Playset £2.49 (RRP £9.99)
Peppa Pig Outdoor Fun Slide Playset £2.49 (RRP £9.99)

RRP Total Cost: £71.16
Total Savings: £52.77
How much I actually spent: £18.39 (74% Saving)
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