I Am Happy With My Body After Having Children

Before having children I was obsessed with my weight. Every day I would get on the bathroom scales to see whether I had lost anything. Silly I know. I used to think that losing weight and losing inches would make me feel better about my body, but it never did.
With both my pregnancies I put on a couple of stone, a normal amount I would say, and after giving birth to Mabel I lost it all within a couple of weeks, with Martha it hasn’t all gone. I still carry an extra few pounds here and there. There is no part of my body that is the same as what it was, and it will never be again.

I now have extra wobbly bits, more cellulite, my boobs are smaller (never thought they could get any smaller), stretch marks and scars. And do you know what? I can honestly say that I am happy in my skin. I am happy with my body.
There will always be imperfections, but my body has done such an amazing thing. It has created, grown and protected a life, not just once, but twice.

My body, my skin, my marks, are of giving life, and I am embracing it, because to these two little girls in front of me right now, I am perfect.
So now after having children, I feel the most comfortable I have ever felt with my body.I am happy to just being me.


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