Spring Cleaning

Spring has now arrived, can you believe it?
There are flowers blooming, the sun is in the sky (well not today), and with the milder temperatures means we no longer require a coat. Now I don’t know about you but this sounds perfect to get some spring cleaning done. Whether you get everything done in one day, spread it out over weeks or the month, it is nice to refresh your house and put some life back into it.
Here are a few tips that help me with spring cleaning.

1. Declutter the House First. 
By decluttering you are making cleaning a little bit easier because you are not trying to clean under and around things that you have been meaning to get rid of. If you have old boxes or pieces of furniture then get rid of them all first, but check that you can’t make a few extra pounds by selling them or maybe donate them.
2. Make an Easy Meal Plan
If you are attempting to clean throughout the week you will be too tired to make a large meal every single day. Plan for the meals to be really quick and easy or if you are organised you can make the meals in advance to have throughout the week.
3. Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies
Make sure you have everything that you need from cleaning sprays, bleach, polish to bin bags, cloths and wipes. There is nothing more annoying than having to stop because you have run out of something, especially when you are on a roll.
4. Make a Cleaning Schedule
If you’re like me I get a little bit confused and forget what things I need to do. By making a list and a schedule it is down in writing all the areas you need to cover on what days. Plus once you have finished each task then just cross it off the list.
When your home is clean it is ready to start the season.
Are your planning on spring cleaning?
Do you have any tips that help?

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