Things To Do With The Kids Over Easter

Have you often thought what on earth are we going to do with the children over the Easter break? Well, I am starting to think that with my two little ones, so I thought I would put a little list together of things you could possibly do.

1. Easter Egg Hunt
Cadburys have teamed up with the National Trust again this year to put on Easter Egg hunts across the country, as well as lots of other fun activities so you can make a day of it. There are often other Easter Hunts around your area in which you can find out about them on local pages. Places such as Castle Ashby have an Easter Egg Hunt again this year for £2 per child.
If you are unable to find anything in your area, why not grab a couple of chocolates from the shop and create one at home. You can make it as simple or creative as you want and I bet you the children will love it.
2. Visit your Local Petting Farm
Lambing season is here so head to your local petting farm to get the children interacting with all the animals, and see if you can spot some of the new arrivals. There may even be a lot more farmyard fun with tractors rides, playgrounds, pig races and more.
3. The Gruffalo Trail
The Gruffalo Spotters Trail is on in many forests around England. Just look up your nearest one on the Forestry website and then download the Gruffalo Spotter App. It is fun for all the family as you follow the clues around the trail, then at markers point your phone and watch the characters come to life. You can even purchase an activity pack for £3 from your local forest.
4. Watch A Film
Why not head to the cinema and watch a family film. Usually, at easter you may find some special viewings such as at Cineworld, ‘Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience’ is on which is suited for preschoolers. If this is too costly then grab some popcorn from the supermarket and have a movie day at home.
5. Bake
All you need to do is pick a recipe, buy the ingredients, then away you go and make it. You can even turn it into a family competition with the best-decorated biscuit or cake with the winner receiving a little prize. The best thing about this activity is you get to eat your creations after.
6. Visit an English Heritage Site.
There are over 400 beautiful historic sites around England just waiting to be explored. You could probably find a few near you that you never knew were there, and some may have been the location for a film or tv program. Entry costs vary but the money goes towards protecting these sites and if you want to visit a few of them, then check out the membership.

What are you planning on doing over Easter?
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