Baking With Mabel (Easter 2017)

¬†Easter is just over a week away so I figured we would get started now with doing some baking. Over the past couple of months, Mabel has been extremely helpful in the kitchen and there is nothing she loves more than dragging her chair over to the butcher’s block to see what she can help with.

This year we decided to do some simple, uncomplicated, yummy looking Chocolate Fudge Easter Cupcakes. Mabel really loved doing this recipe and got stuck straight in with pouring the ingredients into a mixing bowl and also combining everything together.

The messy part was pouring the mixture into the cupcake cases, but Mabel was on hand to make sure nothing was left in the bowl. Once the cupcakes had been in the oven and cooled down on the side, it was time to put the icing on and decorate. With Mabel following instructions easily she managed to decorate all the cupcakes in no time at all, which then left the best part, as it always is with baking, the taste testing.

I think you will agree they went down very well.

What baking have/are you doing with the children?

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