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Spring is here so we have been decluttering out the house in order to create some space. Over the past few years, we seemed to have hoarded a lot of rubbish, and I mean a lot. We have an old-fashioned Pye TV just lying around for no apparent reason, other than my parents were getting rid of it so my husband took it. Random. Then there are the large boxes that are just full of CD’s that we have not listened to in years, and the majority of them I would not listen to again.

This is where I turned to Music Magpie. Now they can’t help me with the PYE TV, but they can help me with the CD’s. Music Magpie is a place where you can sell DVD’s, CD’s, Books, Games, Tech items and Mobile Phones. It doesn’t pay out a lot of money, so for instance, we had some CD’s that we scanned in which were worth 5p or 20p, but we also had a couple of little gems that they would pay £2.50 for. When you add up all 200+ items you get to a very nice figure. I did think about selling them on eBay but CD’s are not in demand and I won’t be making much more when all the fees and postage are taken out of it. That’s if they were to sell.

The website is easy to use. All we did was enter the barcode for each item online and they provided us with a price for each one and then a total. After accepting that figure we boxed all the items up, printed out the postage label and then booked a courier on a day that suited us. When the boxes arrived with Music Magpie, which took under a week, we were sent an email to let us know. They were then quality checked and a couple of days later our money arrived in our bank. We did have a couple of items that failed to go through, but there is nothing we can do about it. I am just happy they are out the house.The process was so incredibly simple and hassle-free with the use of the couriers that we are preparing our second batch to include more CD’s and some Tech items.

You do need a minimum of £5 worth of items to complete an order but it is easily achieved especially if you are in need of getting rid of things you no longer use. Just check the terms and conditions for the quality control checks they do, to make sure you will get the money for that item.

Have you used Music Magpie?

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