Goodbye 20’s and Hello 30’s

Goodbye 20’s and Hello 30’s!
Having just celebrated turning 30, I can say that I am proud and comfortable with who I am. I always thought I would be worried or scared to turn 30. I think it was because I had read so many other people having an identity crisis. They believed that they should be at a certain stage in their life by then, whether it is with children, career, travelling, investments, the list goes on.
The thing is everyone is different strolling along on their own journeys, so we should never compare to anyone else. My experiences and where I am heading is completely different to everyone else and we should just enjoy life to it’s fullest.

Throughout my 20’s I experienced many things that have been life-changing as well as discovering more about myself.
–  I Graduated University
– Lived in London for 2 years
– Did Competitive Cheerleading
– Performed at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics
– Travelled to Monza to watch the Formula 1
– Bought a House in the Country
– Got Married
– Started this Blog
– Had 2 little girls

The last decade has been fun, but rather than go into this new chapter with a bang, I kept it low key. Well, I thought I did. A family meal with a little surprise of a couple friends being there in our favourite pub, whilst playing about with my Canon EOS 700d camera that I got for my birthday, was all that was needed to mark the occasion.

So as I say goodbye to being in my 20’s, I am super excited to be starting a new decade and begin the next adventure. I may not have everything or be the person I thought I would be at 30 when I was younger, but who cares. The possibilities of what the future holds are endless, and I think, no I know, it is just going to get a lot better.
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