Glossybox April 2017 Review

Last month I decided to treat myself to a Glossybox full of wonderful beauty products. I don’t have time to go out and buy the best beauty products or see whats new these days, which is why the beauty subscription box was perfect. Here I know that the contents of the box will be great products that I would not have bought or come across on my own. But, not only that, for £10 per month plus £3.95 P&P, it ends up cheaper than if I was to purchase from a shop.

So let’s get to it.

In my box, I had 7 products which were fantastic because usually you only get 5 beauty products.
Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner 
This combines the cleansing action of a shampoo and hydrates the hair just like a conditioner. A fantastic product for the busy mums and one that I can’t wait to try especially when time is not on my side. It is free from sulphates, salts and artificial colours which will be great for my dyed hair, but this cleansing conditioner suits all hair types.
Modelco Contour Stick
This chunky crayon allows you to define your cheekbones by gliding it over bare skin or foundation on the hollow area directly below the cheekbones, then blending it for definition. As someone that has never used a contouring stick, this intrigues me a lot because I first thought it was a lip crayon. It can also be used on the nose and jawline too, but you won’t get me doing it in those areas just yet.
Sportfx Double Time Brush Buffer and Powder Duo
To me, this was such a lovely item to have in the box because I don’t have enough brushes and this one is two in one. The flat side is used to blend foundations and BB cream whilst the other is to apply powders. It is such a clever little tool and one that is great to take away on little getaways, well when I do manage to get away for the night, it will be coming with me.

Merci Handy Love and Hand Cleansing Gel
You never know where germs are lurking so as a parent anti-bacterial hand gels are a must for the handbag, changing bag, even just to have in the pocket. It is constantly needed and even better when they smell great.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL
This mascara leaves lashes supersized but soft and if you want more volume, repeat the application. I have just run out of mascara so this came at a perfect time and one beauty product I do love is a good mascara.
Rodial Smokey Eye Pen
With a super-rich pigment and gel-effect definition, this long-lasting eyeliner can be blended to create a smokey eye effect. When I was younger I always had dark eyes, trying back then to create a dramatic effect. Now I am older I think this eyeliner will give me the smokey eye effect without going too over the top.

The Balm – Meet Matt(e) Trimony – Matt Kumar

With a smooth texture, this eyeshadow can be applied wet or dry and gives a subtle smokey eye for the daytime. However if bold is your thing then apply more of the eyeshadow to give you the going out look. This was a little surprise to find in the box because it was an extra added in. The great thing about it is that it’s suitable for any occasion and easy to apply.Overall I am super happy with the box of contents that is all about busy women and beauty on the go. The mascara, smokey eye pen and eyeshadow are going to go great together and I feel all the products are perfect to take away with me to a wedding I am attending next month.

With my first box, I was not going to pay full price. If you don’t know, I try to live frugally and get bargains when I see them, so I managed to get my box for half price. If you too fancy trying your first  Glossybox for £5 (+P&P) there is an offer on for May’s Box. Just click on the link below and Use Code: GB50

*I purchased this Glossybox myself with a discount. All opinions are my own.*

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