I Have An Atopic Triad Child.

When it comes to children who have Asthma, Hay Fever and Eczema, known as Atopic Triad, it is usually because of a family history of any of these conditions. The thing is both my husband and I do not have any of them, and so far Martha who is 1 does not have anything, so why do we have a 2-year-old who suffers from all 3?

 When Mabel’s eczema started at only a couple of months old, we have been struggling to get it under control. We have no idea what triggers it and we have used numerous different combinations of oils, ointments, creams, steroids, with some actually making her eczema worse. Of course in Winter it is bad, in Summer it is bad, but with us, it seems to be bad in the other two seasons as well. Often we think we have cracked it but then by the evening it has flared up so bad that we have to result to the steroid cream again.

The eczema was only the beginning though because in June 2016 Mabel was rushed into hospital by ambulance because she wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Mabel seems to struggle to fight off a common cold, even with the use of a Salbutamol inhaler. Every single time she has ended up being admitted to the hospital to be put on nebulisers to help her breathe. I have counted 6 times since June, with 2 admissions being in March this year. The doctors are now starting to look at other causes because of that and her eczema being out of control, which was what they told me at the hospital, we need to start seeing if there is a trigger, an allergy, something.

 Then recently whilst Mabel was playing in the garden she started to get red, itchy eyes, hayfever, just like the rest of her body with eczema. Bless her she did look a sight. It has just been so confusing that she is an Atopic Triad sufferer because we have never suffered from any of them before.

I do know that many children go through this because it is actually quite common, but it doesn’t make things any easier. Just watching how Mabel gets frustrated when she can’t stop itching or the look in her eyes when she is struggling to breathe it is heartbreaking. I mean I can’t even begin to tell you what might have happened to Mabel if I never took her to the walk-in centre back in June because she was that bad, but just as bad as she was children are so resilient and she was back to her normal self, less than 24 hours later.

This is a video of our recent trip to A & E and you can see what happens with her chest when she is struggling to breathe properly.

Now the next step for us is Mabel has been referred to a department at the hospital that does allergies but also will look into her breathing. They are wanting to see if there is a link somewhere, just anything that might be causing it. The best we can hope for is I have been told she may just grow out of it all, but if not I really do hope we can pinpoint it to something to allow us to take control of this, but only time and testing will tell.
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