Turning #TearsIntoSmiles With Elastoplast

The weather has been getting warmer which means children are wanting to explore and play outside. With my eldest who is 2, she loves being outside with all the sand, mud, water, just playing about to her little heart’s content. This is also when minor accidents and scrapes happen and as a parent, it is our jobs to comfort and care for them to soothe away their tears.

As part of the #TearsIntoSmiles challenge, Elastoplast wants to celebrate the freedom that playing outside brings to children and how falling down is all part of growing up. We received in the post a garden ring toss game that the girls immediately started playing with before we could make it outside, and some plasters.

So how do we turn the tears into smiles?

 With us, it is a combination of a couple of things that make everything better. A simple thing such as a cuddle goes a long way in our house because it gives the girls that security that we are there and everything is going to be ok. With using plasters Elastoplast have some fantastic character themed ones that allow the girls to pick what one they want and wear it with pride, often forgetting that it is there because there is a cut underneath. Then distraction is key because playing about with the girls immediately makes them smile, which in turn, makes you feel a lot better then they are happy again, running about, enjoying the outdoors.

I think children playing outdoors is very important because they are able to challenge themselves with learning, exploring, being active, and also risk-taking. Yes, there are accidents that can happen and will happen, but as long as you have accessed the area for any major safety issues, then let children just be children.

“This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast”

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