Frugal Father’s Day

As like many other families, money can become tight throughout the year and gifts around certain events can become increasingly expensive. My family live on one income and so I try to save money where I can.
I have already posted a Fathers Day Gift Guide in which nothing is over £25, but I thought I would also share with your how we will be doing a Frugal Father’s Day in our household.
1. A Cooked Breakfast
With the help of the girls, making a cooked breakfast along with a caffettiere of coffee will go down really well on Father’s Day morning. The cost of this will fall into our weekly food shop budget.
2. Handmade Card
Recently I have been making my own cards at home, mainly because I couldn’t quite find what I was after in the shops. The girls, of course, will have a major input into the Father’s Day card with a drawing or 2 on it. The cost of this is really nothing because we have card, pens, ink etc already.
3. Daddy Alone Time
This usually happens every year and something that hubby enjoys. Yes, Fathers Day is all about family and being a daddy, but sometimes you just need that time to yourself. He will head off into town and rummage through some books at a charity shop before having a walk around and then heading to the pub for a pint or two. The cost of this is not very much and will keep him content.

4. Daddy Time
When hubby arrives back it is all about the girls, having fun, spending time together and creating memories. Cost of this priceless.

5. Favourite Meal and Tipple
So after starting the day off with food, it seems only appropriate to make hubby his favourite meal and washing it down with his favourite tipple. Again like the breakfast, this cost will be factored into our weekly food shop budget and therefore should not cost us more than the budget we have.
There you have it, a simple, cheap, easy way in which we will be appreciating hubby/daddy on Fathers Day.

What do you have planned?

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