Siblings – What’s The Right Age Gap?

Is it better to have siblings close in age, or with a bit of a gap?

The answer to this differs with everyone because the right age gap will vary from family to family. Some families might wait to have a second or third child because of their financial situations, being mentally and physically ready for another, or because of a child’s temperament.

I had always thought about having siblings close together but after having a traumatic first birth experience with Mabel, having any more kids, let alone another within a couple of years very quickly left my mind. After a few months, I warmed up to the idea of maybe having another in the future, not realising that future was very near.
16 months is the age gap between Mabel and Martha and having two girls close in age is somewhat stressful at times. I didn’t really have time to myself with one, but now any chance of ‘ME’ time has been firmly thrown out of the door. Our household can become incredibly busy with back to back nappy changes, the girls fighting over a toy, both wanting to be picked up or cuddled at the same time, and of course, Mabel coaxing her sister into doing things she shouldn’t. The energy they both have is crazy.
 But just as much as Mabel is trying to get her sister into trouble, she will not do anything without her, from playing a game, eating a snack, going up the stairs, to drinking milk at bedtime. Mabel has to make sure that her sister is getting or doing exactly the same. The girl’s relationship is wonderful to watch. Seeing Martha laughing at her big sister does just make us all smile and I am hoping this bond will continue to grow and get stronger as they get older.
With this close age gap, it could be seen as we are getting a lot of things such as sleepless nights, toilet training etc out of the way in one go, which to me is a nice way to look at it. Getting the craziness out of the way first. But many parents who have children with a different age gap than us will probably say that craziness is still there, just in a different way.

So, what is the right age gap for siblings? Well, I think the right age gap is the one that falls into place within your family. It is the age gap you have now or will have in the future and no matter what that number is, siblings will have an awesome time growing up together.
What is the age gap between your children?
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