Preparing For Christmas Early

It is July and I am already planning ahead for Christmas. Well, truth be told I started planning in January, is that bad?

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year especially with having two little girls. The build-up and all the festivities surrounding it really makes it such a magical time.

This year I have made it my mission to ease the stress and hassle when trying to find gifts or toys for people around that time, by doing that part of the shopping throughout the year. By spreading the cost this way means there won’t be a large chunk of money coming out over Christmas and I am hoping it might save us some money.

I have already been picking bits up since the January sales and continue to do so when shops have their seasonal sales on or I have even managed to pick up a few bits in clearance sections. You can really find some great presents at bargain prices by thinking ahead. All the pieces I have bought in the photo add up to £257.37 but I only paid £80.63. That is a massive saving of £176.74 (69%).

When Christmas rolls around I want to be left with either buying a couple of gifts or nothing at all because it is all done. This means I can sit back, relax with a nice drink and enjoy the build-up to what I am hoping will be an amazing time for the girls.

So go on have a look at the sales and start that Christmas shopping. You may just find the perfect gift at a rock bottom price!

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