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Back in April 2016, I decided to sell some items on eBay to try and build a little business, nicholes-attic. I bought in some buttons and sold them as groups of 8 hoping that there were many people out there who required them for clothing or crafts. I soon learned that was not really the case.
It has now been just over a year on and I have not made an awful lot of money, but to be honest I never really thought I would. I just really wanted to have a little bit of extra cash to put towards days out or presents for the girls, which has been the case.

Below is a list of my monthly sales before the deductions of PayPal fees, eBay fees and postage etc were taken out.
April 2016: £15.24
May 2016: £14.50
June 2016: £13.75
July 2016: £15.75
August 2016: £6
September 2016: £8.50
October 2016: £15.25
November 2016: £27.50
December 2016: £29.75
January 2017: £38
February 2017: £21.75
March 2017: £69.24
April 2017: £28.75
May 2017: £46.37
June 2017: £8.50
Total in Sales: £358.85
It is not very much especially when you deduct all the costs, but I can say that the extra little bit has helped. The one thing I learned from all this is that the items I had lying around the house that I no longer needed, really bumped up the sales. Now I am still selling my buttons but only until they are all gone because for me it is better to just sell all the items I no longer need from my house.
So, if your about to throw something out then just have a little look on eBay as you might be able to make some extra cash from selling it there instead.
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