Summer Activities For Toddlers

This Summer is more exciting for me because I now have two toddlers who like nothing better to do than to be playing outside and using their imagination. Here are 4 activities that we have been and will be continuing to do over the Summer.

1. Sand Pit
Yes, it is the dreaded sand. I don’t like it that much because you end up finding sand literally everywhere, even in the most random of places, but it is the one thing both the girls can play with for a very long time. You get one of them building sand castles all over the sand pit while the other is a little demolisher.
2. Water Table/Pool
We have a water table in the garden as well as a little paddling pool with a shade and it is fantastic for the girls to be able to cool down in the heat while having lots of fun. They like to get the buckets from the sand pit and use them to fill them up with water. Mabel even loves playing with the water hose and watering the plants, which is fantastic for us because it means she has a little job to do in the garden.
3. Building A Cave
These past few weeks everyday all we have heard is, ‘Can you build me a cave’. All we do is get a couple of blankets and attach them to a couple of chairs either inside or outside and it ends up being a great place for the girls to hide/have their own little space. It also creates a little safe haven for the girls when they are outside as it provides a nice shady place.
4. Bubbles
Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles. Mabel and Martha cannot get enough of them. We have gone through so many pots and bubble wands that I am now going to be investing in a bubble machine. It saves our poor aching arms because when that first bubble appears, then that is it for another good hour.
What activities will you be getting up to over the Summer?
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