Bathing Siblings Together

A friend of mine not long ago asked whether I was bathing Mabel and Martha together. I hadn’t really thought much about it because we had been doing just that for so long.
When Martha was born Mabel was only 16 months old, so when hubby returned back to work after having 2 weeks off I came to realise how hard simple things were. Originally the girls would have a bath separately, one after the other, but then I changed it to separate days and it all just got too complicated.

I already had a newborn seat for the bath from when Mabel was a baby and decided that things would be so much easier if they both washed together. Of course, trying to explain things to a then 17/18-month-old was a little difficult, but Mabel did understand that she needed to be careful.

Ever since then they always bath together, and I nor they would have it any other way. The amount of fun that they have together is adorable and I have noticed that Martha learns so much from her big sister. Of course, there are moments when sharing can become an issue with the toys, but it soon gets sorted out and we all end up being covered in water from the splashing that goes on.

Before every bath, I make sure I take the nappies and pyjamas into the bathroom so I have everything there to get the girls ready for bed. It has made my life that bit easier by doing so. I would recommend it for mothers who see themselves alone in the evenings because it takes a lot of fear or apprehension away from that time of day.

What things have helped you with bath time?

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