Marthas 18 Month Update

It is a special day today because Martha turned 18 months old. I know it is not a birthday milestone, but so much has happened over the past 6 months that I thought I would do an update.

Height: 79cm
Head Circumference: 19 1/2 inches
Shoe Size: 3 1/2 F
Clothes: 12/18 months and 18/24 months
Nappy Size: 5

Martha just like her sister absolutely loves food and does like to try and use a fork and spoon, but is still yet to master it. There has been nothing that she won’t eat but the one thing we have had to cut from her diet is fish. At the moment she is allergic to it and will be tested when she is old enough.

She now understands the concept of playing and is able to either play with her sister or by herself for a little while, which gives me 5 or 10 minutes to myself to get things done. Playtime does seem to continue into bedtime every single night with the girls sharing a bedroom, but they end up calling it quits within the hour and will sleep till 5/6 in the morning. I also have managed to time both Mabel and Marthas nap times so they have them at the same time and they will usually sleep for an hour from 12:30.

One thing that she can do very well is to throw a good tantrum. These started months ago and it was a shock to see her rolling around on the floor being very dramatic. It feels as if her tantrums are more vocal than what Mabel did, but I may have just forgotten what this stage was like.Her speech and language skills are doing ok, but I did think she would be saying more by now. If she follows in her sister’s footsteps then she may be behind in this area and just need that extra bit of help.

She loves to have her teeth brushed, still has a dummy at night, climbs on absolutely everything, her favourite place to sit is on anyone else, scoops the sand out of the sandpit, running after bubbles, throwing balls, running away, splashing in the bath, and she adores dogs.

It is getting extremely close now to her being 2 and we are enjoying every moment watching her personality shine through. She is really blossoming into such a sweet girl and I am excited to see what changes will happen over the next few months.
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