No Spend Month (September)

Over the Summer we have tried to keep our costs down because it can become expensive with entertaining the children and socialising with friends and family. However, we realised we did let things slip a bit over the month of August, and to get us back on track we are doing a No Spend Month.

A no spend month/week/day is basically no spending on anything else except essentials, which are all the things you need to live. It will hopefully kick the habit that we may have got into of spending on any unnecessary things.

During this time if there are birthdays or events that we have already committed ourselves too then they will be fine to spend a little bit of money on them. Plus we have been trying to get new front and back doors for years and to secure the booking we have to pay a 20% deposit which will fall in September, but this is a must to happen as we have been losing a lot of heat due to the gaps around the doors. So, come winter, we should be saving money when it comes to heating the house.
In order for this no spend month to work, both Doug and I need to do this together. There will be no spending on clothes, beauty products, eating or drinking out, alcohol, luxury items, and the end goal is to spend £0.
I know this will not be easy but it will worth it in the end.Let’s see if we can do it.
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