Happy 3rd Birthday Mabel

Mabel is 3 years old today. How on earth did that happen? It is just crazy how time goes by so quickly, especially when they are little. Look at just how much she has grown in the space of a year!

This year Mabel understands a lot more, which is a major change. I can’t tell you how many times over the past couple of weeks she has said to me “It’s my birthday” and “I’m going to have a birthday cake”. I think that is what has made it so much more magical and exciting for me because she just gets it. Check her out opening her presents. There is nothing better than seeing your child happy.

Over the weekend we threw Mabel a birthday party and invited some of her friends. We had a bouncy castle on the go, a bubble machine, games, plenty of food and cake. She was thoroughly entertained for hours.

Now today, she gets to spend her birthday morning with her friends again, this time at preschool. She will be taking in some chocolate treats for everyone to enjoy and celebrate this milestone with her. When I pick her up at lunchtime we will be coming home to where daddy is working today to enjoy a lovely family afternoon of playing games, watching films and eating lots and lots of popcorn.

So to you my sweet girl that entered the world 3 years ago in such a spectacularly dramatic fashion.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

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