Make £1000 Before Christmas Challenge

I am not sure if anyone has seen, joined up with or is aware that a blogger called Emma Drew has set up a challenge to make £1000 by Christmas.

 A lot of people end up getting into debt over the Christmas period which trickles into the New Year too. Starting the year off in debt happens to so many people so this challenge seems to be a very positive one.

Emma has created a free 10 week challenge (starting 16th October), which if you put the work in, you could make at least £100 a week in order to reach the £1000 target by Christmas. She will be posting in a private Facebook Group at least once a day a suggestion on a way you can earn money, so if you do want to join in then head over to her page and sign up for this challenge.

I will be joining in because I really like the idea of making money before Christmas rather than spending it, plus it seems like fun. In order to keep a record of everything I will be posting up weekly about what I have done and how much, if anything, I have earned.

So let’s get started!

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