Make £1000 Before Christmas Challenge (Week 1)

If you did not know and am a little confused by this title then head on over to my post Make £1000 Before Christmas Challenge now.
This past week has been quite difficult because I have really had to put the time and effort into making some extra money. I have succeeded though and am on my way to making it to £1000.
So, what have I been doing to achieve this? How much have I made so far?
Check out the list below.

Swagbucks = £20
This site you earn points (called SB) by performing a variety of activities, from taking surveys, searching online, to playing games and discovering offers. You then redeem those points for gift cards, Paypal money, etc.

 = £43.71 (after all fees)
You sell unwanted items on this auction site. This makes a great little earner and by getting rid of old unwanted items frees up space in your home.
Circle = £2.87
This is such a great new site where they are giving away free money. If you click on the link and sign up you will receive an email to which you click on the link in that email to find out how much you have won. You can win anything from 50p – £50 (Everyone is a Winner). Plus if you then get family members to sign up and send them £25, you will receive £5 bonus. Then if they send it back they too will receive a £5 bonus.

= £17.47 (£3.45 pending)
This is a survey website which pays a fair hourly rate. When you sign up, make sure to verify your account. The next job is to do the pre-screening questions, which there are quite a few, but trust me when you get through them all it is worth it. You must keep checking back to the site as each survey only have a specific number of participants they need and you don’t want to miss out.

= £7
This is an online and mobile community where you answer questions, do surveys on different products and services you use to get a cash reward. They also have some mystery shopping opportunities as well which are paid quite reasonably.
Panelbase = £4.40 (£1.20 pending)
This is a UK-based online survey panel offering members cash rewards for taking part in surveys including online, postal, product testing, focus groups etc.

= £2.25
Topcashback is a great site to get cashback on your shopping and other offers. But did you know a few times a year they have a cashback giveaway where they give you the chance of winning over 45,000 instant win cash prizes up to £100? All you have to do is log in and find the flying hummingbird as you browse the best deals on the website each day. Once you click on the hummingbird the prize will be revealed and it will either be an entry into the top prize, or a treat that can unlock instant cash prizes.

Global Test Market
= £10
An online survey panel that gives you the opportunity to collect points and exchange them for gift cards, PayPal money or give it to charity.
You Gov = 725 (5000 points = £50)
This online survey site gathers information on the public opinions and consumer behaviour on different subjects, products or services. Even though this is a slow moving one because you have to reach 5000 points to cash out £50, it is definitely one to do over time.

 = £15 Amazon Gift Card
This is a marketing platform for influencers to network with brands and you are able to join up to campaigns. These campaigns upon completion give you buzzoole credits which can be redeemed for an Amazon Gift Card.
e-rewards – 1300 Nectar Points.
This rewards you with nectar points and adds them to your nectar card, which helps when it comes to doing the Christmas shop. I will not add this to my total but I will still tell you how many points I have made.

Total: £127.35
(Remaining: £872.65)
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